Tips to Ensure a Smooth Immigration Process

Relocation to a new country is exciting, but also challenging. The immigration process to the U.S. in particular is not always an easy one. However, there are many preventive measures that can be taken which increase the odds that any given immigration will go smoothly. David Hirson & Partners, your Los Angeles EB-5 visa lawyers, can offer several tips for those seeking to enter or remain in the U.S. under any program.

Tips to make the immigration process smoother


Prepare for delays

It is well-known that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is very backed up and takes a long time to process applications. Those needing to submit an immigrant application should submit ahead of time for any deadline. Do not wait until the last minute to turn in paperwork – those that have an expired legal status can be arrested or deported.

Explore various visa options

Sometimes, immigrants have several paths to citizenship available to them. The EB-5 visa is available to those who meet specific investor requirements. Other visa programs can be pursued if the investor’s family members are currently living as citizens in the U.S.

Follow program regulations

It is critical that the requirements for your visa, work permit, or green card application are thoroughly and correctly understood. Violating a seemingly small requirement can delay the processing of your visa, possible cancellation of your visa, or even deportation for you and/or your family members.

Hire a qualified law firm

The best tip is to hire an experienced lawyer to help you with the process. Trying a “do it yourself” approach often ends with your visa being denied based upon technical issues, such as lost paperwork or missing minor documentation. Working with the skilled lawyers at David Hirson & Partners will maximize your chances of a smooth immigration process from start to finish.

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Finding a qualified eb-5 lawyer

What to Ask When Choosing an EB-5 Immigration Lawyer

Finding a highly qualified EB-5 immigration lawyer to assist you with your immigration journey is of utmost importance in ensuring that you and your family have the best possible chance for approval. However, there are many immigration attorneys out there who have started to take on EB-5 work without having the skills and experience to provide that chance. Considering the political climate of the U.S. government as we head into 2018, it’s more important than ever to choose an attorney who knows how to navigate the waters of EB-5 applications, including advising on projects and regional centers with proven track records. Here are three questions you should ask before hiring someone to help you obtain your EB-5 visa.


  1. What are your I-526 and I-829 approval rates?


This information, when provided honestly and accurately by a lawyer, is very valuable for potential investors. It is an insight into the end result that you are hoping to achieve yourself. Track records of approvals should be a material factor in making your decision of which firm, and which lawyer, to trust. If the EB-5 immigration lawyer you are talking with cannot or will not provide their approval rates, it’s time to find someone who will. (Please note that while past success does not guarantee future success, past success does enhance the possibility of future success.)


  1. What is your approach to proving source of funds?


The source of an applicant’s investment funds is one of the primary issues to be addressed with an EB-5 applicant. Tripping up in this area is a major reason for denial of an application. (If you use a third-party service provider in your home country, be sure to also ask them about their success rates.) Sourcing funds requires a knowledge of U.S. laws and also some familiarity with the applicant’s home country. Which leads us to our third question…


  1. What experience do you have with applicants from my country?


Every EB-5 application is different, and so is every EB-5 applicant. However, some things about the process can be generalized based upon the home country of the applicant, and it’s crucial that the chosen EB-5 immigration lawyer has proven experience with the applicant’s country. Ask your EB-5 lawyer how many applications they have processed from your country, and how many of those have been successful. If they have never worked with an applicant from your country before, don’t let yourself be the first test case!


Find an experienced EB-5 immigration lawyer who knows the ins and outs, including how the tax laws of your country affect sourcing of funds in your application. Contact David Hirson & Partners, LLP today for help with your EB-5 immigration process.


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