Regional Centers

What is an EB-5 Regional Center?

An EB-5 Regional Center is an organization designated by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that sponsors capital investment projects for investment by EB-5 investors. The major advantage for regional center designation is that the regional center can take advantage of indirect job creation. Regional centers help EB-5 investors and project developers because they lessen the difficulty of meeting qualifying job creation requirements under the EB-5 program rules.

Regional Center Required Document List (General)

For the Regional Center:

To be provided by our firm:

  1. G-28
  2. Form I-924
  3. Letter of support for Regional Center designation

To be provided by Client:

  1. A check of $6,230 for the filing fee, made payable to the “Department of Homeland Security” (We will ask for the check at a later time when we send the filing forms to Client for signature)
  2. Map of the regional center area
  3. Econometric Report (omit if it is a direct or saving a troubled business investment)
  4. Operational business plan and breakdown of establishment costs and future operating cost
  5. Overall business plan
  6. Detailed survey to show the demand for the development/s and rental price or hotel rate (for hotel and/or residential development)
  7. Copy of regional center’s bank statement evidencing sufficient funds for start-up operations

For the Entity Owning the Regional Center (The Regional Center Manager)

To be provided by Client:

  1. Articles of Organization
  2. Operating Agreement
  3. Employer Tax Identification Number
  4. Business license (if available)

I-526 Exemplar (Shovel-Ready Project)(If Applicable)

For the Limited Partnership (The New Commercial Enterprise)

To be provided by Client:

  1. Certificate of Limited Partnership
  2. Limited Partnership Agreement
  3. Employer Identification Tax Number
  4. Offering Circular/ Private Placement Memorandum
  5. Subscription Agreement
  6. Escrow Agreement

For the General Partner

To be provided by Client:

  1. Articles of Incorporation
  2. Operating Agreement (if LLC)
  3. Management Agreement (if LP)
  4. Employer Tax Identification Number
  5. List of shareholders/members
  6. Business license (if available)

For the Special Project Entity

To be provided by Client:

  1. Promissory Note between the SPE and LP (if a loan model)
  2. Articles of Organization
  3. Employer Identification Tax Number
  4. Operating Agreement

For the Job Creating Enterprise

To be provided by Client:

  1. Exemplar Support Letter (By our firm)
  2. Econometric Report
  3. Comprehensive Business Plan
  4. Employer Identification Tax Number

I-526 Sample Project (If Applicable)

To be provided by Client:

  1. Sample Offering Circular/Sample Private Placement Memorandum
  2. Sample Subscription Agreement
  3. Sample Limited Partnership Agreement
  4. Sample Management Agreement
  5. Sample Escrow Agreement
  6. Econometric Report (if available)
  7. Certificate of Limited Partnership
  8. Comprehensive Business Plan (if available)
  9. Employer Identification Tax Number

For Existing Commercial Enterprise/Job Creating Enterprise (Applicable to Saving a Troubled-Business or Expanding an Existing Business Type of Regional Center) 

Please provide the following items for the existing commercial enterprise and/or job creating enterprise in addition to the documents listed above:

  1. 3 years of federal and state tax returns
  2. Federal and state quarterly employer withholding tax returns for the last 4 quarters
  3. Last annual federal and state employer withholding tax returns
  4. List of current employees showing job title, full time or part time, and salary
  5. Copies of employment verification Form I-9 for each employee listed
  6. Copies of eVerify report for each employee listed

NOTE: Some items listed may not be applicable. This list is for reference only. Our firm will customize a checklist that is specific to your Regional Center’s filing upon full knowledge of your Regional Center’s structure.