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Department of Homeland Security’s Deputy Secretary Denies Political Favoritism

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2015 | EB-5

US Homeland Security

ABC News reports that Alejandro Mayorkas denies practicing political favoritism. He is currently the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Even so, Mayorkas needed to defend himself to congress against accusations of political favoritism. Mayorkas is the former director of the controversial United States immigration program EB-5. Employees of the EB-5 program contacted the Inspector General, accusing Mayorkas of favoritism.

The EB-5 Immigration Program

For a price, the EB-5 immigration program offers foreign nationals visa. To receive this visa, they must contribute no less than $500,000 to a qualified U.S. venture. This venture must create at least 10 jobs for Americans. As long as the project creates these jobs, the foreign investor receives a Green Card.

Employees Complain Mayorkas is Practicing Political Favoritism

Mayorkas apologizes for the conceptualization of favoritism within the immigration agency he headed. He continued, stating that this perception is inaccurate. Mayorkas spoke to the House Homeland Security Committee. He accepted responsibility for the way his employees perceived him.

Homeland Security Inspector General John Roth Concludes Investigation into Mayorkas Alleged Political Favoritism

The Homeland Security Inspector General investigated the allegations against Mayorkas. On March 24, 2015, he concluded the investigation. The Inspector General’s 99-page report details the allegations against Mayorkas. The report focuses on three cases. In these three particular cases, dozens of individuals came forward stating that Mayorkas intervened. Phone records, emails and interviews support these accusations.

Complaints from Political Officials Sparked Interventions

According to the investigation, these interventions occurred when Mayorkas received complaints from political officials. One political official accused of frequently complaining to Mayorkas is Terry McAuliffe (D). McAuliffe is currently the Governor of Virginia. A government accountability group is requesting a criminal investigation. The group states that there are too many unanswered questions. This investigation would look into the actions of Gov. Terry McAuliffe. The group would like other individuals involved with the EB-5 visa program investigated as well.

When asked about the accusations against him, Mayorkas offers little information. He states repeatedly that he cannot remember or he sidesteps his responses with justifications.

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