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Unlock the Key to EB 5 Revolution Through Project Disbursement

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2015 | EB-5

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The EB 5 Industry has the potential and cash flow to bring great success to many sectors of the US economy. Historically, the industry has primarily focused on entertainment venues, identified by Reid Thomas, but the industry is experiencing a dramatic disbursement into other areas of the EB-5 Industry. As a result, EB 5 investment programs will have an additional need for experienced EB 5 lawyers in Los Angeles and other areas of economic development.

Driving Forces Behind the Shift

Growth in other sectors of the economy, such as the oil and gas industry, catalyzed changes for the arena in which an EB 5 lawyer Los Angeles functions. NES Financial took part in more than 300 EB 5 projects across such industries. Part of this disbursement occurred as rents rose in submarkets as the economy recovered following the housing market crash of 2008.

What Disbursement Means For EB 5 Issuers

EB 5 Visa programs were geared towards foreign investors seeking to invest in the hospitality industry. However, the expansion means EB 5 Issues and EB 5 attorneys will have an influx of applications for new EB 5 Visas. In the oil and gas industry, applications to EB 5 investment programs rose by 440%, according to Thomas, which made energy production the most profitable sector of the EB 5 Industry in 2014.

Considering Becoming an EB 5 Investor

The US has a proven track record of providing freedoms to people not otherwise found in many parts of the world, and the EB 5 program represents one way foreign nationals can obtain a green card and start making money in the US describes Invest In the USA,. By encouraging the growth of US jobs, which further heal the economy, investors are continuing to change the EB 5 Industry.


If you have thought of becoming an EB 5 investor or you need help with the legal aspect of issuing an EB 5 visa, contact the leading EB 5 attorney in Los Angeles at David Hirson & Partners, LLP. With an expertise in immigration law, you can rest assured you will have a dependable, reputable legal representative.


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