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USCIS Visa Availability Process Made Quicker by DOS

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2015 | EB-5, Immigration

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Individuals, family members and foreign national immigrants, who are waiting to file their adjustment of status applications, can now receive their benefits earlier than before. According to The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of State (DOS), recent revisions that took place on September 9, 2015 make it quicker for those seeking USCIS visa availability.

Final Action Dates

Previously, the DOS only published one chart every month in its Visa Bulletin. It covered the final action dates of when applications could be filed. It also listed when they were to be adjudicated after they were filed. Now, another chart will be published on October 1, 2015 regarding existing DOS regulations for USCIS visa availability for immigrants abroad. Individuals and foreign nationals will find the new list of the US adjustment of status cases that are eligible to file in the Visa Bulletin.

Foreign nationals filing for EB-5 visa

The DOS will allow foreign nationals, who want to reside in the US permanently, to apply for their visas at US embassies and or consulates that are located in their own countries.

Earlier filing ability for EB-5 visa

Because of these revisions made by executive order from President Obama, immigrants filing for EB-5 visas should see their US adjustment of status cases approved earlier, possibly by two years. They will be able to work and travel in the US much sooner than they thought. Their dreams of investing in a new commercial business or an existing one will become a reality.

EB-5 attorney advisement

Now that the USCIS visa availability is moving at a faster pace, an EB-5 attorney will advise immigrants seeking legal status in the US to monitor the Visa Bulletin. Calculations by DOS of visa demand and eligibility will change every month. If your USCIS visa availability filing date is close, you should monitor it monthly.

If you do not understand the implications of these new regulations, David Hirson urges you to take immediate action. As an EB-5 attorney, he realizes how easy it can now be to miss your final action dates. Contact us today at [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-3″ or visit the Hirson Immigration contact page to request a case evaluation.