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How an EB-5 Attorney Can Help With the Changing Immigration System

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2016 | EB-5

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Recent executive action in an attempt to improve the immigration process in the United States is leading to possible changes in the steps taken to receive an EB-5 Visa. The ever changing landscape of laws and regulations can make the process seem overwhelming when applying for a visa. The following information describes the government’s steps to improve the nation’s immigration process, how this will affect obtaining an EB-5 Visa, and the importance of consulting with an experienced EB-5 attorney.

Government Steps to Improve the Immigration Process

President Obama has directed government officials to take several steps in the effort to modernize the immigration process. General goals include reducing government costs and burdens on employers. Improving services for the applicants and eliminating waste, abuse, and fraud are also goals in the Presidential Memorandum. They will also strive to improve the information technology involved by attempting to eliminate excessive paperwork and digitalize the process as much as possible.

How This Will Affect the EB-5 Process

The Department of Homeland Security has decided to update various standards in regards to the current EB-5 program. This will include enhanced background checks and conflict of interest disclosures. They may also increase the minimum qualifying level of investment. Immigration Impact has stated that as part of the recommendations efforts will be made at better estimation when allocating visa numbers so that fewer visa numbers are left unused. Establishing better interview scheduling is part of this improved process. It has also been recommended that potential EB-5 investors may obtain visitor visas in order to examine and evaluate potential investments.

Finding a Qualified EB-5 Attorney

Those looking to receive an EB-5 Visa need an experienced immigration attorney to help them through this potentially complicated process. The requirements for these visas include either investment in a new commercial enterprise or an existing troubled business which will benefit the American economy and create a minimum of 10 full time jobs.

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