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The Importance of Using an Experienced EB-5 Immigration Lawyer for Your EB-5 Application

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2017 | EB-5

Through the EB-5 visa program, foreign investors who contribute a minimum of $1,000,000 to a qualifying U.S. venture can enter the U.S. with their immediate family members (their spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age). Under certain conditions, the minimum investment can be lowered to $500,000 for projects operating in Targeted Employment Areas. Successfully finding and investing in a qualifying EB-5 project  is one of the first steps toward obtainment of a U.S. green card and lawful permanent residency. However, the immigration process is littered with traps for the unwary, which is why hiring and working closely with an experienced EB-5 attorney is especially important. One small misstep may put you months or years behind in your immigration process, or can very well cost you the approval of your immigration petition. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to use an immigration lawyer when applying for an EB-5 visa.

There Are Requirements Beyond Simply Investing the Minimum Investment Amount

When talking about the EB-5 visa program, the most common preliminary question is the cost of the initial investment. (It is important to note that a significant increase in the minimum investment amount is expected to occur within the next six months or so.) However, there are many requirements beyond the monetary investment, and the application process is hindered whenever a step in the application process is taken without fulfilling or submitting all necessary requirements. By working with an experienced EB-5 visa lawyer directly, you can rest more assured that every requirement is met in a timely manner, including having a well laid out report documenting the source(s) of investment funds.

Working With Your EB-5 Lawyer From the Beginning Helps Pave the Way to Your Future in the U.S.A.

The short-term immigration goal is to apply for and obtain an EB-5 visa for the immigrant investor and his or her immediate family members. In the long-term, though, most investors desire to stay in the U.S. with their families as permanent residents. Establishing a relationship with an experienced EB-5 immigration lawyer now will mean you have the advantage of a lawyer’s advice for how to transition from EB-5 visa applicant to green card applicant. When the goal is to become a lawful resident, it is even more important to have the wisdom and experience of a knowledgeable EB-5 lawyer on your side from the very beginning.

The Paperwork is Important – But Often Confusing

EB-5 visa applicants are some of the smartest people out there, and they’re ready to put in the time and invest the money necessary to make their dreams a reality. Even the smartest investor, however, can easily become buried in the paperwork surrounding visa applications and immigration processes in general. For those who are not used to U.S. laws and regulatory workings, it is a huge chance to take on what is already a very competitive slot for an EB-5 visa. Using an experienced EB-5 visa lawyer is the smartest way to ensure you have every advantage in the application process.

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