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David Hirson & Partners Guides Franchise Clients to Receive L-1A Visa Approvals

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2019 | Immigration

The first week of April saw David Hirson & Partners, LLP (“DHP”) receiving two L-1A approvals for two separate U.S. franchise companies. These franchises both required foreign executives to come and oversee their existing U.S. operations.

One L-1A beneficiary successfully passed the interview process. The other beneficiary expects to go through the interview process in a matter of weeks.

As business and immigration counsel, we assisted each U.S. franchise in structuring their respective franchise operations to meet strict L-1A visa requirements while remaining franchise law compliant. Simultaneously, we worked with the foreign nationals abroad to ensure that they qualified for the L-1A visa individually and more importantly had a viable foreign business/operations/structure to support their individual intracompany transfers as executives.

The L-1A visa is a “dual-intent” visa. This means that the managerial/executive beneficiary can temporarily enter to begin working for the U.S. company while also have the intent to immigrate to the U.S. at a later stage, even with a pending or approved immigrant petition. With the level of success that we are witnessing, we fully expect both L-1A beneficiaries and their dependents to become eligible to apply for their immigrant visas within 2 years of entering the U.S.

DHP has also been working with large foreign companies (some listed on various stock exchanges) that are looking to transfer managers/executives to run business operations in the U.S. These foreign transferees are coming to the U.S. to manage: existing overseas company operations in the U.S., an acquired business in the U.S. (including various franchises), or a completely new startup in the U.S.

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