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2021 PERM processing time

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2022 | Immigration

When you’re waiting for official paperwork to be processed, you’re likely nervous and a little impatient, especially if the paperwork will determine your success in the future. PERM processing time periods could take a considerable amount of time. If you’re a California resident, here is some information you can refer to when it comes to processing times.

What is PERM processing

Program Electronic Review Management, or PERM, is the process necessary to receive labor certification. Filling out the PERM application is the first step that the Department of Labor takes to investigate the job market in the U.S. to see if an immigrant is cleared for employment. Different types of assessments are performed during the application processing time.

If you’re an immigrant, the job you desire will be offered to American citizens for a specific time period. The Department of Labor will then determine if it is safe for the American job market to make the position available to you.

Immigration petition

Your employer is only permitted to begin the immigration petition process once you’ve been cleared by the Department of Labor. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services department will only permit you to work on an employment-based H1B visa once they know that the Department of Labor has cleared the employment position you’re looking for through PERM. It is best to work with the Department of Labor and your employer to get results as quickly as possible.

2021 PERM processing times

The Department of Labor reviews various kinds of information throughout the PERM process. Each phase of the process will take some time which factors into total processing time.

Processing times will change once a new month begins, which you can check on the Department of Labor website. The department also factors in the average wage for jobs to determine a fair salary for you, which can take about 150 days.