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Employment-based visas are more accessible than ever

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Immigration

Good news is available for people who are planning to immigrate to the United States for employment. If you plan to work in the state of California, your chances for legal residency are now better than ever. This is due to the very large number of employment-based visas that the USCIS has now made available.

Now is the time to get your visa

The USCIS is strongly encouraging eligible applicants to apply for an adjustment of their status. They can do this if they have already filled out Form I-485. This is the document that outlines their current residence in the employment-based third preference category. It puts people on the waiting list for general employment visas.

However, some applicants may be able to upgrade their status and get further to the front of the line. They can do so by transferring their applications to the first or second employment-based preference categories. The reason for this is that visa availability is higher in these categories.

The criteria you need to meet

An immigrant who applies for one of these visas must have maintained continuous residence in the United States. This is the main criteria that can make you fully eligible for an adjustment of status.

You must already have filed a Form I-485 that is based on a different I-140 in a classification that is no longer current. This can include EB-3 and a select few others.

You need to prove that you are eligible to receive a visa in the first or second employment-based preference categories. You must also have a current priority date in your new category.

If you meet all of these criteria, you will have the best possible chance of getting a visa to work in the U.S.