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Working in the US as a foreigner requires you to obtain a visa

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | EB-5, Immigration

Obtaining a job in California requires you to follow specific requirements when you come to the United States as a foreigner. Understanding this process is essential as you’ll need to acquire a visa to work legally.

Working in the United States

If you’re a foreigner wanting to work in the United States, a standard method is to work temporarily as a nonimmigrant. Once you’re in the US, your employment activity will be restricted to match your visa.

Working permanently in the United States with an employment-based immigrant visa is also an option. However, doing so will require you to locate a job first and get sponsored for a visa by the company you’ll be working for in the USA.

Conducting research

Creating a targeted search is best when you want to find a company to sponsor your visa. Narrowing your search is also advisable to find companies that can act as a sponsor. Matching your needs with a suitable company will take some research but should pay off when you find a position.

Getting a US visa

The only immigrant visa allowing you to obtain permanent residency in the US is a “green card.” Before you receive one, you’ll need to obtain one of the following US visas for migrant workers:

  • EB-1
  • EB-2
  • EB-3
  • EB-5

You can qualify for US visas by being a Diversity Visa lottery winner, entrepreneur, qualified professional or relative of a permanent US citizen.

Temporary work visas to the United States can also be obtained, but these don’t qualify you for a green card:

  • H1-B – This US visa is for specialty workers and requires a college degree and a valid job offer.
  • H2 – This US visa is for seasonal work and is appropriate for various occupations.

Knowing more about the types of US visas available should help you get one step closer to working legally in the United States.