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Documents required for a K-1 visa

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2023 | Immigration

A K-1 visa may be required when people are planning to help their fiancé immigrate to the U.S. This is the visa you will need to handle and legalize their entry. Once they receive this visa, they must be married within 90 days of entering the U.S. After they have been legally wed, they can then apply for a marriage green card.

What are the top required documents?

There are a number of key documents that you must provide in order to receive this type of family visa. If you are a U.S. citizen sponsoring your fiancé, you will first need to provide proof of your own citizenship. You will also need a copy of the passport of the person you plan on sponsoring.

If you or your fiancé have terminated a marriage in the past, you will need to provide evidence. You will also need to show proof that you and your fiancé met within two years of making your initial application. Documentation must be provided if you or your fiancé have undergone a name change.

What other documents may be needed?

Once you have provided the documents listed above, you may be asked for others. These may help to expedite the process of obtaining a fiancé visa. You may be required to provide a copy of Form I-94. This document covers arrival and departure records for the person you are sponsoring. The both of you may be asked to provide a passport-style photo.

Both partners may be required to furnish a number of officially sworn statements and other evidence. These must indicate your intent to marry. They must also attest to the legitimacy of your relationship. Other documents may also be required according to the needs of the agency that will provide the visa.