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New proposal intends to address family visa backlog

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2023 | Immigration

Since Citizens and Immigration Services (CIS) is experiencing a backlog in processing family visas, many people living in the United States must wait far longer than expected to reunite with family members. Visa petitions require careful reviews to weed out fraud or inquire about mistakes on the form. The excessive backlog could add even more time to what might already be a long wait. However, a new program could make things easier for those concerned about the backlog.

A special family visa program

The Biden Administration established a new program that affects certain South and Central Americans struggling with the family visa backlog. Roughly 75,000 people would receive assistance under the program, allowing them to come to the United States and reunite with their relatives while the visas are processed.

The new program is part of the Family Reunification Parole model. Different versions of the program assist people from other countries. The program could institute further expansions in the future.

Applying for the program

The programs have yet to go into effect. Four programs will appear in the Federal Register, a public notice of proposed rule changes. The public can comment on rules published in the Federal Register. Items listed on the Federal Register are not limited to family visas or immigration law.

Those interested in taking advantage of any changes to immigration rules may benefit from reviewing the particular details. There could be specific requirements that the petitioner/applicant must meet to receive the benefit. Properly filing complete applications would likely be necessary for timely processing. Those who make mistakes when submitting immigration forms may need to respond to CIS requests or risk an adverse action.