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Free Direct EB-5 Consultation With An Experienced U.S. Immigration Attorney

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Our firm has a proven history of handling investment visas for clients throughout the world. Our managing partner, David Hirson, has been helping investors procure EB-5 visas since the program was implemented in 1991.

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There are two main options for applying for an EB-5 visa: traditional direct and regional center. The main difference is that, with a regional center program, you invest in a business through a government-approved organization while, with a Direct EB-5 program, you invest directly into the business. Both Direct and Regional Center EB-5 Investments have very different processes, but both result in obtaining permanent legal resident status in the United States.

Why Direct EB-5 Investment Visa May Be A Better Option Than A Regional Center

Due to the complexities of the EB-5 Regional Centers applications and the very long processing times, there has been an increased interest in Direct EB-5 investments. Some other advantages of Direct EB-5 Investments include:

  • The direct approach is much faster than working with a government approved regional center
  • It is often less complicated of a process to directly invest with an enterprise
  • It is usually more clear what types of jobs your investment will be able to create when working directly with a business, which makes it easier to obtain permanent residence
  • Investing directly is usually less expensive

To learn more about why this option may be right for you, consult with one of our experienced immigration attorneys.